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man holding a sign that says chronic disease

Brain Injury: a Chronic Disease  

Chronic diseases are defined broadly as conditions that last one year or more and require ongoing medical attention or limit activities of daily living or

hand holding an illuminated brain with neurons coming from it

Brain Injury Awareness Day  

Brain Injury Awareness Day on Capitol Hill was held on March 6. More than 250 advocates from 37 states came to Washington, D.C., to meet

father and son sleeping in bed

Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine is an evidence-based practice of helping people adopt and sustain healthy behaviors; applying these six pillars of lifestyle medicine is not easy and

woman holding her head stressed at the computer because of a nursing home abuse situation

Learning by Forgetting

Recent studies suggest forgetting might not be a bad thing but rather, a form of learning, and it might not be a problem with our

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rear end accident scene in richmond virginia

Virginia Auto Accidents Statistics

The Department of Motor Vehicles Virginia Highway Safety Office keeps data on the traffic crashes that occur in the state. These numbers help show the

Does Compensation Cover Mental Trauma?

When looking at the civil justice system, many people look at physical injuries as the only way to recover compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.