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Brain Injury Awareness Day  

Brain Injury Awareness Day  

Brain Injury Awareness Day on Capitol Hill was held on March 6. More than 250 advocates from 37 states came to Washington, D.C., to meet with their elected officials and ask them to support the reauthorization of the TBI Act, the only piece of federal legislation devoted solely to traumatic brain injury. 

The TBI Act, which passed in 1996, has funded top-tier brain injury research at the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It has also provided effective and impactful state grants to increase access to rehabilitation and other services. The Act has also supported state protection and advocacy agencies, which are the legal watchdogs for people with disabilities. 

In this reauthorization, advocates are asking for funding for programs, including a National Concussion Surveillance System and the state grants program and expanded access to services and support. You can learn more about the Brain Injury Association of America 2024 Policy Platform here

It’s not too late for you to help this effort! You can send an email anytime and ask for their support. Depending on how much you write, it can take as little as 3 minutes. Go to and follow the link to a letter template that will include everything you need to send the email except the most important part – your story. There is a spot in it to tell your legislator why brain injury is important to you.

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