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Brain Injury Association of America’s Public Awareness Campaign

Brain Injury Association of America’s Public Awareness Campaign

“There’s an often repeated saying in the brain injury community: if you’ve seen one brain injury, you’ve seen one brain injury,” said Rick Willis, president and CEO of BIAA. “Every brain injury survivor’s story is unique, and every person affected by brain injury has a story to tell. Those stories are as unique and nuanced as the person sharing it, and all of them deserve to be told.”  

my brain injury journey - from brain injury association of America
Graphic By Brain Injury Association Of America

This Brain Injury Awareness Month, BIAA is encouraging everyone affected by brain injury, including survivors, their loved ones, and the people who treat them, to share their unique stories about their brain injury journey.  

With the My Brain Injury Journey campaign, BIAA seeks to focus on some of the lesser-known aspects of living with brain injury, including the significant gap between public perception and reality when it comes to understanding brain injury, the often chronic nature of brain injury and the invisible side effects survivors live with (sometimes for the rest of their lives), and that brain injuries can look very different from person to person.  

More information on Brain Injury Awareness Month and how to share your brain injury journey can be found at 

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