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Virginia Auto Accidents Statistics

The Department of Motor Vehicles Virginia Highway Safety Office keeps data on the traffic crashes that occur in the state. These numbers help show the

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Virginia Drunk Driving Death Statistics

Despite all that is done to discourage drivers across the nation from drinking and driving, every year drivers still take to the road after consuming

Medication Mistakes: Can You File A Lawsuit?

If a mistake is made regarding your medication, whether if it is the wrong medication, the wrong dosage, an incorrect label, or even a failure

When Defective Brakes Cause Accidents

While you may have seen plenty of car crashes during your time on the road, there is some assumption that all collisions are caused by

Burn Injuries: Causes & Symptoms

Throughout the entire nation, there are countless people who have experienced a burn from some source. These are usually small burns in which someone touches

Trucking Accident: Filing A Lawsuit

As we travel on the road, we are joined by large commercial trucks commuting across the nation to deliver products from the warehouse to the

Attorney Aubrey Ford Settles SUV Crash Lawsuit

Attorney Aubrey Ford, a partner at Cantor Grana Buckner Bucci, has helped two female college students injured in an SUV crash settle their lawsuits against the