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Manager Of Fairfax County Bakery Allegedly Sexually Assaults Special Needs Employee

Manager Of Fairfax County Bakery Allegedly Sexually Assaults Special Needs Employee

Alberto Figueiredo — the general manager of Wildflour Bakery in Fairfax County, Virginia — has been arrested and charged with felony sexual assault. Police were recently told by a female employee with special needs that she was groped and molested by Figueiredo on numerous occasions. She has claimed the most recent incident of sexual abuse occurred in January 2020.

Wildflour Bakery has a history of hiring people with developmental disabilities to give them employment opportunities. The woman who has accused Figueiredo has Williams syndrome, a disability characterized by slow mental development but also a strong outgoing personality. The combination of characteristics could make the woman particularly susceptible to manipulation, which might be why she did not immediately speak out the first time she was allegedly sexually assaulted.

Local police investigators are worried that there could be other victims who have not yet come forward about their experiences with Figueiredo. He has been the general manager at Wildflour Bakery for more than 10 years, and the bakery has hired developmentally disabled individuals that entire time. Any other employees who have been sexually abused while working at the Wildflour Bakery should contact their local police department to file a report.

Cantor Grana Buckner Bucci is also currently investigating this ongoing story. We are a team of attorneys who proudly represent sexual abuse survivors in all corners of Virginia. You might be able to file a claim against your abuser in pursuit of compensation, justice, and closure. Virginia has a 20-year statute of limitations for sexual abuse cases filed by incapacitated or developmentally disabled people.

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