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Truck Accident Attorney Richmond VA


Truck accident victims often experience devastating, life-altering injuries that require months or even years of medical care. These treatments can be expensive, placing a financial burden on victims and their families. 

When the negligence of commercial truck drivers, trucking companies, or other parties in the industry injures people, the victims are often legally entitled to compensation for the losses they incur from the crash. 

Unfortunately, trucking insurers are often reluctant to pay victims, even with valid claims. Furthermore, even when they concede liability, they often do everything they can to frustrate victims into accepting settlements for far less than the damages they’ve incurred. 

If you or a loved one were injured in a commercial or semi-truck accident, you need a dedicated accident lawyer. The attorneys of Cantor Grana Buckner and Bucci can help you approach the trucking insurers and get the compensation you need after your accident. We will be more than ready to take on the insurance company in court if it’s not willing to offer you a fair settlement for the suffering you’ve been forced to endure. 

What Kind Of Truck Accidents Are There?

Truck accident cases are usually more severe than car accident cases. A large truck can weigh up to 20 times more than an average passenger car, which means thousands of pounds of metal are involved in a collision. Often, these trucks travel at high speeds; combined with visibility issues, this is why truck accidents occur more frequently

These accidents can have tragic consequences when combined with any dangerous materials a large truck may be carrying, from flammable materials to toxic chemicals. 

Truck crashes take many forms, and the collision can reveal many things about who is at fault. 

  • Rollover accidents result in one or both vehicles being turned on their side; these are often the most severe. Top-heavy vehicles like semi-trucks are prone to these kinds of accidents, which is why there are particular signs for trucks to slow down on tight turns. 
  • Head-on accidents result from distracted driving or drunk driving and can have devastating consequences for the individuals involved.  
  • Jack-knife accidents are common in trucking and occur when a semi-truck trailer loses traction and slides toward the tractor; road conditions or negligent driving can push the truck into this shape. This action mirrors a pocketknife folding in, hence the name of the accident. Any vehicles caught in the truck’s way during this type of accident may face serious injuries due to the impending impact of both sides of the trailer and the car.  

  • Underride accidents occur when a small car becomes trapped underneath a semi-trailer truck. During these accidents, there are often few protections for the driver and passengers, and the accident can lead to extreme injuries, including brain injuries.  
  • Blindspot truck accidents or “no-zone” accidents occur when truck drivers change lanes and do not notice a car in their blind spot. Large vehicles have more significant blind spots, which is why there are many warnings on the rear end of trailers to keep other drivers out of them. 

Given the weight and size differential, any truck crash involving a passenger vehicle and a heavy truck will dramatically affect the passenger vehicle.

What Injuries Typically Result From Truck Accidents In Richmond?

  • Back and neck injuries – These injuries range from minor neck pain to spinal cord injuries, such as dislocated discs or paralysis; severe injuries can have a long-term effect on your work and daily life. 
  • Brain injuries – Brain injuries range from mild to severe; with mild brain injuries, symptoms may not be immediately apparent; they can include nausea, headaches, cognitive impairment, and loss of motor functions. These injuries are often life-altering. 
  • Burn injuriesCuts, lacerations, and burns from truck accidents can be excruciating and leave the victim with massive scars.
  • Broken bones – The powerful impact of a truck crash often leads to multiple broken bones, which may need to be surgically repaired. 
  • Seat belt injuries – We all know seat belts save lives, but in some cases, they also cause injuries such as whiplash.
  • Wrongful death – A wrongful death lawsuit is a personal injury claim brought by the family or heirs of someone who has been killed in an accident.

Why Should You Hire a Lawyer? 

Hiring a lawyer provides a legal representative on your side, protecting your rights and pursuing your best interests throughout the legal process. 

Commercial truck accident cases are incredibly complicated because of the multiple parties involved. And injury victims who retain legal help often receive significantly higher settlement awards from a trucking company than those who try to pursue truck accident claims on their own. 

An accident lawyer’s goal is to make sure victims get a fair settlement. The attorneys with Cantor Grana Buckner Bucci are committed to representing the rights of accident victims; we do not hesitate to take on large trucking companies. We are skilled negotiators who understand how to get insurance companies to settle. We are also aggressive litigators who readily take a case to trial should our clients’ best interests demand it.

What Do Lawyers Look For In A Truck Accident? 

Proving Negligence In Truck Accidents

Four elements of negligence should be present to be eligible for legal action: 

  • The at-fault driver had a duty to drive safely and follow traffic laws. 
  • The at-fault party breached this duty of care by failing to act safely or reasonably. 
  • Their breach of safe driving caused an accident. 
  • The at-fault party’s breach of duty resulted in damages, such as medical expenses or loss of income. 

Proving negligence for a truck accident can be challenging. A lawyer with Cantor Grana Buckner Bucci will be prepared to protect your best interests throughout the legal process.

Negligence And Tort Law

Negligence in semi-truck accident cases could include the actions of a truck driver who sent a text from his smartphone while driving. This can also mean the actions of a truck driver who did not adequately have his truck inspected.  

Some semi-truck crashes occur due to driver error, such as braking too quickly on slick roads, reckless driving at excessive speeds, or failing to slow down in work zones. These are not the actions of a reasonably prudent truck driver. 

Contributory Negligence Laws In Virginia

Virginia is a contributory negligence state, meaning if victims of truck accidents are even 1% at fault, they may not be eligible to bring a claim for damages.  

Therefore, if a victim’s injuries were exacerbated by their actions, the victim could be prevented from bringing a claim for the extent of their injuries. Other states often split the fault on a percentage basis, but not Virginia. If you are partially liable, consider the option of a settlement with the insurance company.  

Still, you should always consult with a knowledgeable attorney before deciding to you can get an expert opinion.

Federal Trucking Regulations

Complex state and federal regulations apply to the trucking industry. Most of these are based on safety considerations. Violating these regulations can constitute truck driver negligence or find the trucking company at fault. 

Negligence is the failure to use the proper care expected of a reasonable person in a similar situation. When you’ve suffered injuries at the hands of someone else, primarily because of recklessness or carelessness, that person is responsible for the harm caused.  

All drivers must use ordinary care by always keeping the vehicle under control, driving while alert, and obeying all road signs, signals, and rules. Negligent drivers may be held financially responsible for any damages. For example, injuries caused by a failure to obey traffic signals or an accident resulting from drunk driving are generally considered negligence. 

Damaged cars after a car accident crash involving a big rig semi truck with semi trailer at a city street crossroad intersection with traffic light and rescue services to help the injuredWho Is Liable For Your Damages?

Driving tractor-trailers or large commercial trucks is much different from getting behind your family SUV wheel. Semi-truck vehicles can weigh 20 or 30 times as much as a standard passenger vehicle and take up much more space. As a result, they handle much differently than anything most of us have ever driven before.  

They are slower to accelerate, need much more room to turn and dramatically restrict visibility. They use equipment not found in passenger vehicles, such as air brakes and coupling devices.  

Because driving commercial trucks is so different from driving passenger vehicles, commercial vehicle drivers must undergo specialized training and obtain commercial driver’s licenses to drive them legally.  

Unfortunately, commercial truck drivers continue to make mistakes and drive carelessly despite these measures, often resulting in serious accidents. 

Driver negligence leads to such accidents as: 

  • Reckless driving. 
  • Driver fatigue. 
  • Impaired driving. 
  • Failure to yield. 
  • Following too closely. 
  • Improper turns. 
  • Failing to signal lane changes. 
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road. 

Pursuing Full Compensation

If a fair settlement is not reached, our lawyers are ready to go to court if necessary. We have decades of experience handling different truck accidents. We are familiar with trucking companies’ tactics to devalue your claim. We know how to investigate accident scenes to prove negligence and establish liability to seek maximum compensation for you. 

What Can A Lawyer Do For You?

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a crash involving a tractor-trailer (semi-truck), protect your rights by hiring an experienced Richmond Truck accident attorney as soon as possible to help navigate all the steps in the process.  

Comprehensive And Timely Investigations

Attorneys with the law firm of Cantor Grana Buckner Bucci will send a team of investigators and experts to the crash scene and take steps to ensure the tractor-trailer, maintenance records, shipping records, cell phone records, logbooks, and other substantial evidence is neither lost nor destroyed. 

Analyzing Evidence

Our lawyers will examine all evidence in your case to determine the cause of the truck accident and identify all parties who should be held responsible. In many cases, a truck accident is caused by violating Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations. Our attorneys have a firm grasp of these trucking regulations and know the role they can play in your case. 


The parties involved in a truck accident often refuse to turn over important information such as driver records, logbooks, or maintenance records. Our lawyers can file all necessary motions to compel those parties to comply with requests for information. We can also challenge any motions harmful to your case. 

Fair Settlements

Our aim is to resolve your case as efficiently as possible while, at the same time, obtaining a maximum amount of compensation for you and your family. We will carefully prepare your truck accident claim for settlement discussions with all parties at fault in your crash. 

Taking Your Case To Court

The skilled and experienced attorneys with Cantor Grana Buckner Bucci will take your case to court if necessary. They will be ready to file a lawsuit on your behalf and go to trial to seek fair compensation on your behalf. 


White broken big rig semi truck tractor with open hood and refrigerator semi trailer standing on the repair shop parking lot waiting for the diagnostic technician inspection and quick repair, truck accident damageWhat Kinds Of Damages Can I Pursue After a Truck Accident?

As the truck accident victim, you may be suffering from extreme injuries. Trucks are large, multi-ton vehicles that cause significant damage in even minor car accidents. Unfortunately, victims in passenger vehicles suffer serious injuries such as spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and burn injuries.  

Your lawyer will hold the responsible party liable for any resulting injuries after the accident and the amount in damages, including: 

  • Loss of income if you were unable to work while recovering. 
  • Emergency care, including the cost of ambulance transportation. 
  • All reasonable medical expenses. 
  • Property damage. 


Learn more about how Cantor Grana Buckner Bucci can help you when you schedule a free consultation. Call us for a no-obligation opportunity to get answers to your legal questions, including what you can expect from a truck accident case. 

What Do I Do When I’m Dealing With Different Insurers?

Not all truck accidents are the same. If you choose to pursue a case independently, you could deal with different insurers and uninsured truckers. 

The attorneys of Cantor Grana Buckner Bucci will make sure you are prepared for truck accident litigation no matter who you have to face, whether it be an independent operator, a local delivery truck, or a large corporation such as Amazon or UPS.

Trucking Insurance Companies

Keep in mind that insurance companies are in the business of making money. They will work to settle a case efficiently and expediently, but this will not always mean you will get the best outcome. 

If you have been injured in a trucking accident, the other side’s insurance company will probably contact you shortly after the accident. Seek legal counsel before speaking with the other side’s insurance company.  

If you are unrepresented by counsel, the insurance company may offer an unreasonably low settlement offer to take advantage of your inexperience with truck accident lawsuits. If you accept such an offer, there is little chance that you may recover any additional compensation in the future, even as your medical bills continue to pile up. 

Other Insurers

In some trucking accidents, you may encounter harassment from more than one insurance company, depending on the insurance status of the truck driver, the employer, and any other party that could be liable for what happened. 

Dealing with multiple insurers is a tough job; none of them will want to pay out what you’re genuinely owed unless your attorney can provide compelling evidence. The attorneys with Cantor Grana Buckner Bucci will find that credible proof and go to trial if necessary.

Uninsured Truck Drivers

A truck driver will likely be required to carry insurance by their employer, but independent truckers on the road may not. If you are caught in an uninsured truck driver accident, speak with a lawyer for advice on what to do next. 

If an uninsured driver is involved in an accident, they must cover the cost of any related expenses out of pocket. Retaining an attorney to represent you is in your best interests, even if the other party concedes liability.  

Attorneys who cannot come to a reasonable settlement arrangement with an insurance company can file a lawsuit on your behalf and represent you in court. At Cantor Grana Buckner Bucci, we have a long track record of success of taking insurance companies to court and beating them.


Woman insurance agent films broken minibus on smartphone. Comprehensive vehicle insurance conceptHow Long Do You Have To File A Personal Injury Case?

Virginia’s statute of limitations, which defines how long you have to file a case, provides victims two years from the date of the accident. Failure to file within the two-year window will likely result in the court dismissing the case and barring you from obtaining compensation. 

Certain exceptions could require you to file sooner or later, so do not delay contacting a lawyer with Cantor Grana Buckner Bucci for legal advice. We have extensive knowledge of Virginia laws and apply them tactfully to your situation. 

How Much Will An Attorney Cost?

In the aftermath of tractor-trailer accidents, you are likely looking for ways to save money—not take on additional expenses. This logic often makes accident victims question retaining an attorney—after all, if the insurance company seems ready to settle, why not handle the matter yourself? 

In most personal injury cases, you will incur no out-of-pocket costs from retaining a truck accident lawyer. We usually take a case on a contingency fee arrangement with all injury clients, which means we will not collect any legal fees unless we successfully recover compensation from the party or parties responsible for your injuries. You will owe us nothing if they do not secure a settlement or award on your behalf.  

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Your mind should be on your recovery, not on any additional expenses. Our Richmond truck accident attorneys will handle your claim for damages so that you can focus on your recovery. To schedule a free evaluation of your case, contact the law firm of Cantor Grana Buckner Bucci. We handle cases not only in Richmond but across Virginia, including CharlottesvilleChesapeake, Newport News, Norfolk, Roanoke, and Virginia Beach.

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