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Virginia Auto Accidents Statistics

The Department of Motor Vehicles Virginia Highway Safety Office keeps data on the traffic crashes that occur in the state. These numbers help show the

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Premises Practice Tip: Fight For Post Accident Statements

An often-unpursued potential treasure trove of information in premises liability cases is the discovery of post-accident statements of store employees taken by claims adjusters. This includes not

Premises Tip: Federal Court Is Not All Bad

Many trial lawyers want to avoid federal court at all costs. While it is true that there are many additional rules and deadlines that have

Preparing For Your Summer Road Trip

Tips to Keep You Safe on the Road There are few things more exciting than the start of summer and the promise of an exciting

Can A Doctor Cause Cerebral Palsy?

Short answer: Yes. If your child has developed cerebral palsy and you believe a medical professional or hospital is to blame, you are going to

Can I Sue A Nurse For Hurting My Child?

Call (855) 936-1747 to Report Nursing Malpractice in Richmond In the same way that doctors can be liable in instances of medical malpractice, nurses can also be held

Driving Habits You Should Avoid

Driving becomes dangerous when people don’t pay close enough attention to the road in front of them. It’s easy to blame another driver for a