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Richmond Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer


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Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Richmond, VA

Being a victim of a drunk driving accident can come with a multitude of hardships. Victims of drunk driving accidents often struggle to pay their bills following an accident as they are often out of work during their recovery. Drunk driving accident victims should not have to worry about how they are going to get by following an accident caused by a drunk driver.

In 2020, there were 6,624 drunk driving accidents in Virginia, and nearly 4,000 injuries resulting from drunk drivers on the road, according to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. Richmond residents are at risk of being involved in car accidents caused by drunk drivers every day.

Thankfully, if you were a victim of a Richmond drunk driving accident, you are not left without options. Filing a drunk driving accident claim with the help of an experienced car accident lawyer at Cantor Grana Buckner Bucci is your best chance of getting compensation for your personal injuries.

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What To Do If You’re Involved in a Drunk Driving Accident

Motor vehicle accidents caused by drunk drivers can be scary if you or your family members are involved. Here are the steps we recommend you take to protect yourself or your loved ones following a car accident caused by a drunk driver in Richmond, Va.

Call for Help

Dial 911 immediately to have emergency services come to your aid, even if you feel medically okay at the moment. 

Police will handle any potential criminal charges of impaired drivers involved in the accident and help gather evidence at the accident scene.

DWI/DUI is a criminal offense, and the consequences of the offense may result in a criminal case, jail time for the offender, and/or loss of their driving privileges. 

Receive Medical Attention

Even if you feel alright following the accident, often, adrenaline may be running high and mask the symptoms of an injury. Always allow medical professionals to do their job and receive a full assessment and any treatment necessary to address your injuries. Medical expenses can often be compensated by the drunk driver or their insurance company in the event of a drunk driving car accident.

Gather Information

If possible, gather the names and contact information of any witnesses to the drunk driving accident. Drunk driving accident cases are made stronger if witnesses saw the driving behavior of the drunk driver prior to the accident. DWI/DUI lawyers will help you use this evidence when filing your claim and demand compensation. This information may also assist the court in leading to a criminal conviction of the offender.

Keep All Evidence

It is important to keep all evidence related to the accident. This includes the police report, witness statements, your insurance adjuster’s contact information, and your medical expenses related to the accident. All of these will be totaled and used to calculate the financial compensation you are entitled to and used as evidence should your case go to trial.

Hire a Richmond Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Legal representation is crucial in receiving fair compensation for your injury case. Receiving legal advice from an experienced attorney at Cantor Grana Buckner Bucci will help you navigate the legal process of receiving compensation for your injuries and damages. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it worth suing a drunk driver for my injuries?

If they are found at fault, negligent drivers and DWI/DUI offenders can be held accountable for a DWI/DUI accident. Additionally, DWI/DUI accidents are relatively easy to prove and a personal injury victim can receive monetary compensation from the at-fault driver for their injuries and damages.

The main goal is to have all expenses related to the accident and any pain & suffering caused by the accident, compensated by the at-fault driver or their insurance company. 

Car accidents are expensive. Between medical expenses, property damage, and lost wages, a victim can quickly be overwhelmed with the costs associated with an accident. Suing a drunk driver for their involvement will help negate the monetary costs related to the accident.

How much does a drunk driving accident lawyer cost?

Cantor Grana Buckner Bucci works on a contingency fee basis. This means we only charge legal fees if we win your case. The legal fees will be based on a percentage of the amount recovered.

If you are unsure if you have a case, our firm provides a free initial consultation, in which we will review the evidence and help determine if you have a case and estimate how much we believe you may be entitled to.

How much can I get as a settlement for my injuries from the accident?

Personal injury cases are all unique, so settlement amounts will vary on a case-by-case basis. Our law firm will help calculate how much we believe you are entitled to by reviewing many factors, including the following:

Physical injuries

In a personal injury case, your legal team will always seek to calculate the amount you are entitled to by reviewing medical bills associated with your accident. Some injuries may be minor, but victims of a DWI/DUI accident run the risk of experiencing catastrophic injuries with a long recovery time and a lot of related expenses.

Victims are entitled to any compensation for costs associated with the treatment of their injuries from the accident including ambulance services, hospitalizations, surgeries, medications, and therapies. These amounts can easily overwhelm a victim, so reimbursing these amounts is crucial.

Property damage

Victims are entitled to financial compensation for any property damage incurred by reckless drivers, which may includeDamage to vehicles, property in the vehicle, or damage to property in the area.

Lost wages

Often, victims of a drunk driving accident may not be able to work due to their injuries. Personal injury claims also extend to lost wages or lost opportunities caused by the DWI/DUI accident.

Pain & suffering

DWI/DUI accidents can be very traumatic – physically, mentally, and emotionally

Accident lawyers can also pursue punitive damages against the at-fault party. Punitive damages may be awarded if their negligent actions are considered particularly dangerous. 

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How do I file an accident lawsuit against a drunk driver?

Once you have received medical attention for your injuries, your next step should be to call an accident lawyer. The sooner our law firm is involved in your case, the sooner we can begin doing what we have to do to pursue maximum compensation. Our experienced attorneys will help you navigate the process of filing a lawsuit.

In addition to contacting a lawyer, it is important to have an insurance adjuster review damage to your vehicle. 

Who pays for drunk driving accidents in Richmond, Va?

Depending on the case, the drunk driver or their insurance company should be held responsible for 100% of the injuries and damages resulting from the accident.  

An example of a time that this may vary would be if you are partially responsible for your injuries due to your own behavior. This can be considered contributory negligence.  In Virginia, contributory negligence often completely bars an injured party from receiving compensation for their injuries. 

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