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Stephanie Grana Elected to Serve on the VSB Council for the 14th Judicial Circuit

Stephanie Grana Elected to Serve on the VSB Council for the 14th Judicial Circuit

Stephanie Grana, Immediate Past President of the Virginia State Bar (VSB), has been elected again to serve on the VSB Council for the 14th Judicial Circuit. The Virginia State Bar Council, an 81-person body entrusted with representing lawyers across the commonwealth and governing the Virginia State Bar, plays a pivotal role in shaping legal standards and practices in the region. Stephanie was first elected in 2021 however, her position was filled due to her one-year service as VSB President from 2022 to 2023. 

The VSB Council comprises 65 lawyers elected from the 31 circuits across Virginia, along with nine at-large members appointed by the Supreme Court of Virginia, four conference chairs, and three officers. One of the key responsibilities of VSB Council members is to maintain open lines of communication with their circuits and ensure that lawyers are informed about VSB activities and developments.

Stephanie’s election to the VSB Council underscores her commitment to serving the legal community and upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. With her extensive experience and deep understanding of bar rules and guidelines, she is well-positioned to contribute meaningfully to the Council’s initiatives.

“I am very pleased to continue my service to the VSB,” Stephanie remarked upon her election.

She looks forward to rejoining her fellow council members as they advocate for the interests of their respective circuits to protect the public, regulate the legal profession, advance access to legal services, and assist in improving the profession and the judicial system.

As a 14th Circuit District representative, Stephanie will serve as a member of the VSB Executive Council for the next three years. 

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