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Apps That Prevent Texting And Driving

Apps To Prevent Texting While Driving

In our fast-paced digital world, the urge to stay connected through our smartphones is stronger than ever. Unfortunately, this connectivity often extends to the time when we are behind the wheel, posing a grave risk to ourselves and others. Distracted driving, particularly texting while driving, has become a leading cause of accidents on our roads. To combat this perilous issue, technology has stepped in with a variety of innovative solutions. In this article, we explore the top apps designed to prevent texting while driving, offering a glimmer of hope for a safer and more responsible driving experience.

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The Best Apps That Prevent Distracted Driving

If you tend to be a distracted driver, consider giving these helpful apps a try. You never know when a distracted driving accident can happen. The following apps mentioned were designed to encourage safe driving, keeping you and everyone else on the road safe.

iPhone’s Do Not Disturb While Driving

iPhone’s Do Not Disturb While Driving: This app detects when you’re driving and blocks all notifications, calls, and texts until you reach your destination. You can customize the settings to allow certain contacts to go through.

Drivemode by AT&T

Drivemode by AT&T: This free app silences all incoming phone calls and texts and sends an automatic reply to let people know you’re driving. It also has a feature that allows you to use voice commands to reply to texts or make calls.


LifeSaver by Saferware: This app is great for parents who worry about their child texting and driving. LifeSaver gives parents the power to lock their child’s cell phone while driving. It blocks all cell phone use while driving, including texting, talking, and using apps. It also has a feature that allows you to designate a “trusted driver” who can unlock your phone in just a few clicks if you need to use it in an emergency.


Wayz by Telenav: This app is a GPS navigation app that also has features to stop texting and driving. When you’re driving, Wayz will silence your phone, block text messages and calls, and send an automatic reply to texts. It also has a feature that will read your text messages aloud to you so you can stay focused on the road rather than your mobile phone.


OnMyWay: This app rewards drivers with cash back for not using their cell phones while driving. It tracks when you’re driving and blocks all notifications, calls, and texts. When you reach your destination safely, you can earn up to 25% of your trip cost in rewards.

TrueMotion Family

TrueMotion Family: This app tracks your driving and sends real-time notifications to you and your family about risky driving behavior. This app is loved by parents of teenage drivers, as it provides them with peace of mind when their children are out on the roads. It also has a feature that blocks incoming calls, texts, and notifications while you’re driving.


Tello by Nuance Communications: This app uses voice commands to allow you to use your phone while driving. You can use Tello to make calls, send texts, and even control your music without taking your hands off the wheel.


SafeDrive by This app uses a combination of features to prevent texting and driving. It silences your phone, blocks call and text notifications, sends automatic replies to texts, and tracks your driving behavior. SafeDrive also has a feature that allows you to compete with friends and family members to see who can drive the most safely.


TeenSafe by TeenSafe: This app is specifically designed for parents of teen drivers who want to keep track of their teen’s driving habits. TeenSafe allows parents to see activity on their child’s phone like who they are texting, how often they’re texting, and even how fast they’re driving.


iOnRoad: iOnRoad is another app that can help prevent texting and driving. It uses augmented reality to provide real-time warnings about potential hazards on the road. The app uses your phone’s camera to track other vehicles and objects on the road, and it will alert you if you’re getting too close to another vehicle or if you’re about to drift out of your lane. iOnRoad also has a feature that allows you to record your driving behavior and track your progress over time. This app can help you drive safely. It uses a combination of voice commands and text-to-speech technology to allow you to use your phone while driving without taking your hands off the wheel. The app notifies you of your texts and calls; it can read your text messages aloud to you, and you can reply to them using voice commands. also has a feature that allows you to make calls using voice commands. It essentially makes mobile phones hands-free while driving.

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Safe Driving is Good Driving

Thankfully, there are so many free apps for Apple and Android phones that have been created to prevent distracted driving crashes. By utilizing these apps, you can help keep yourself and others safe on the roads. Whether you’re looking to block notifications, track your driving behavior, reward good driving, or simply silence incoming calls and texts while you’re behind the wheel, there is an app that can help.

With their help, we can all make a collective effort towards safer roads and fewer car accidents caused by distracted driving.

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