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Virginia Business Announces the 2023 Legal Elite

Every year, Virginia Business Magazine, in cooperation with the Virginia Bar Association, polls lawyers across Virginia asking them to identify which of their peers are

A head x-ray taken by a computer-assisted tomographic (CAT) scanner. This diagnostic technique uses computers to organize thousands of x-rays, taken by a rotating machine around the patient. Brain injury accident theme.

Concussion Recovery Evaluation Benchmarks

When being evaluated for and during recovery following a concussion, therapists and doctors use specific tests to assess what therapy someone might need and then

person holding images of a brain scan, brain injury theme

Pediatric Concussion Recovery Tips

After a concussion, it’s not unusual for kids, parents and their coaches to ask when the child can return to their sport or to recreational activities.  Guidelines have

Best of Richmond: Driving Schools

Whether you’re a novice driver eager to navigate the roads with confidence or an experienced driver needing to refresh your skills after an unexpected event,

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hair relaxer chemical lawsuit image

Chemical Hair Relaxer Lawsuit

Hair Relaxer Cancer Lawsuit The chemical hair relaxer lawsuit is a product liability lawsuit that alleges that the manufacturers of hair relaxers knew or should

man clipping on his motorcycle helmet, motorcycle safety awareness month

May Is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

It’s no coincidence that you start to notice more motorcycles on the roads around this time of year. The weather is finally warming up and