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How To Protect Your Children From Sexual Predators

How To Protect Your Children From Sexual Predators

Keep an Eye out for Predatory Adult Behavior

In most recorded cases, child sexual abuse is perpetrated by an adult that the child knows and trusts. Even when dealing with family members, loved ones, and trusted friends, it is in your and your child’s best interest to look out for the following potential signs of child abuse or malicious intent:

  • Effort to be alone with your child: Predators put a lot of time and work into establishing a relationship with your child, learning about their likes, dislikes, and interests, and doing whatever it takes to gain their trust. Be wary of people who consistently offer to pick your child up, drive them home, babysit them, or do other activities with them. If an adult spends an excessive amount of time with your family, this could also be a sign of intend to abuse or manipulate, even if most of that time is not spent exclusively with your child.
  • Disinterest in spending time with people in their own age group: Adults and teenagers who seem to prefer spending their free time with children to connecting with people their own age may be deliberately spending time with children in order to take advantage of them.
  • Inappropriate boundaries in their relationship with their child: If you notice that an adult consistently seeks to establish physical contact with your child (even when your child resists or says “no”), it is important to step in and establish with your child (and the adult in question) that your child’s refusal should be respected.

Talk to Your Children About Boundaries with Grownups

No parent wants to consider the possibility of their child being targeted by a sexual predator, much less talk to their kids about it. However, talking with your kids about boundaries and appropriate adult behavior can save you, your child, and your family a lot of heartaches. Having conversations about who to trust, what constitutes inappropriate touching, conversation, and not keeping secrets with adults.

If you suspect another adult is grooming your child and behaving inappropriately toward them, it is important to talk to your child, listen to them, and let them know it is safe to tell you the truth. If you discover your child has been sexually abused, it is important to take action right away in order to protect the safety of your child and other children. Report what you have learned to law enforcement by calling 911, then take your child to a medical center immediately.

Our Sexual Assault Attorneys Are Prepared to Serve You and Your Child

If you believe that your child has experienced sexual assault or abuse due in any part to the negligence or recklessness of a third party, such as a hospital, school, hotel, restaurant, apartment complex management, and so on, call us right away. You may be able to make a premises liability case against that third party, especially if they could have reasonably identified the abuse in question.

After speaking with law enforcement and getting medical attention for your child, call our sexual assault lawyers at Cantor Grana Buckner Bucci right away.

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