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Attention Patients of Advanced Wellness Centre in Richmond and Dr. Michael Pollock

Attention Patients of Advanced Wellness Centre in Richmond and Dr. Michael Pollock

On Thursday, April 6, 2023, Attorneys Stephanie E. Grana and Dascher L. Pasco filed two civil cases in the Richmond Circuit Court against Advanced Wellness Centre in Richmond and Michael Pollock, D.C. for negligent hiring and retention and negligent chiropractic care.

Dr. Pollock’s turbulent history with the Board of Medicine began almost 40 years ago when the Board determined he made improper patient diagnoses based upon inadequate or controversial practices. In the following years, Dr. Pollock was investigated by the Board no fewer than three additional times relating to inappropriate and often sexually charged contact with patients. The third investigation resulted in a one-year suspension of Dr. Pollock’s chiropractic license. 

Dr. Pollock’s chiropractic license was fully reinstated by the Board, and on May 17, 2021, he provided chiropractic treatment to patients of Advanced Wellness Centre. On that date, Dr. Pollock provided negligent care similar in nature to the actions he had been sanctioned for in the past. 

On May 16, 2022, Dr. Pollock entered a guilty plea to three counts of sexual battery in violation of Virginia Code § 18.2-67.4 relative to his treatment of chiropractic patients, including the two Advanced Wellness Centre patients represented by Stephanie Grana and Dascher Pasco. 

Following the conviction, Stephanie and Dascher remain committed to obtaining justice in civil court for their two clients. 

The two cases filed against Advanced Wellness Centre and Michael Pollock, D.C. detail allegations of chiropractic negligence and negligent hiring and retention, seeking a combined total of over $15 million in damages.

Given Dr. Pollock’s extensive history of Board investigations and sanctions, Advanced Wellness Centre’s hiring and retention of Dr. Pollock is a blatant act of negligence. As alleged in both lawsuits, information regarding Dr. Pollock’s mistreatment of patients was available to the public, including Advanced Wellness Centre, on the Board of Medicine website, and had been covered in a local Richmond publication. Therefore, Advanced Wellness Centre either knew and disregarded, or should have known the details of Dr. Pollock’s past misconduct prior to selecting him to treat their patients. 

Unfortunately, this is not the only case of women being mistreated by chiropractors in Richmond and Henrico recently. An Order of Summary Suspension was entered by the Virginia Board of Medicine on March 30, 2023, against Aaron Bradby Winston, D.C. for allegations of sexual misconduct and privacy violations against 3 patients. The Board concluded, “that a substantial danger to public health or safety warrants this action and ORDERS that the license of Aaron Bradby Winston, D.C., to practice chiropractic in the Commonwealth of Virginia is SUSPENDED.”

If you were a chiropractic patient in Virginia and believe that you have been mistreated by your care providers, including Advanced Wellness Centre, Michael Pollock, D.C., or Aaron Bradby Winston, D.C., we urge you to contact Attorneys Grana or Pasco at 804-644-1400. We are here to help.

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